Your life is precious. Use it well.

Many of us want more depth, more fulfilment and ultimately to feel lighter on the journey as we navigate through our every day. 

Does your life look great on paper, yet you are not really happy? Have you come to a place where life may feel busy but directionless, full but not fulfilling? 

We can end up in a place where it feels overwhelming, lost, anxiety provoking and stuck, or it just feels like going through the motions, living on autopilot leaving us numb to the joys of life. 

Are you longing for more meaning, more depth, more ease? 

Inner Pilgrim guides you to feel a little lighter as you travel through life.

"We're like a Lonely Planet Guide for your Inner World"

We use our extensive experience in the field of personal development, Eastern philosophy and Western psychotherapy to guide you on your inner journey to a more connected, soulful, meaningful life. 

 We walk you step-by-step through the whole spectrum of your inner experience, through the dark and the light, through the joyful and the messy bits, to help you arrive at a place of peace.

Are you ready for a journey of self-discovery?

When you embark on any adventure or journey into unknown territory, it pays to have an experienced guide, a decent map… and plenty of snacks.

We’ve got the first two covered. At Inner Pilgrim we have created a series of Inner Journeys for you, with online content and real world support, that help make embarking on the path to more meaningful living a whole lot easier.

We have brought together the psychology of the West and the mystic traditions of the East in a way that is wholly accessible and profoundly transformative whatever your current experience.

Inner Pilgrim provides a road map for your Inner World. We pack your metaphorical suitcase full of in-depth coaching videos, guided meditations, step-by-step worksheets and, where needed, real world coaching support to guide you on your journey within. Think of us as a Travel Guide to Your Soul.

Find out which of our Inner Journeys is right for you:
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Are you ready for a journey of self-discovery?

Hi, I'm Karin

Travel Guide to Your Soul

  • Coach & Psychotherapist

    Founder of Inner Pilgrim

    Coach & Psychotherapist

    Karin Peeters has been described as a cross between a commercial tiger and a Buddhist monk.

    Her work combines her corporate background, 10 years of private practice as a Coach and Psychotherapist in the City of London and in-depth experience of the ancient wisdom traditions.

    Karin is passionate about using the philosophies of the East to enrich our Western lives and Inner Pilgrim is her latest offering in this work.

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We are seekers

We search for answers, true happiness and a sense of who we truly are. Are you one of us?

  • Travel The World

    "Sometimes we have to retreat,
    in order to move forward"

    We love travelling and regularly go on spiritual retreat, meditate in monasteries or ashrams and attend Eastern wisdom teachings.

    We've seen a lot over the years and we share all that we know about a more "soulful way of living" .

  • Journey Within

    Our Inner Pilgrim Courses consist of in-depth coaching videos, worksheets full of exercises and guided meditations combining psychology from the West and ancient wisdom traditions from the East.

    Everything is online and available for download, so the courses can be enjoyed wherever you are! During your holiday or travels, but also from the comfort of your own sofa.

  • Feel the Love

    At Inner Pilgrim we wish you happiness. We like to see you shine, with joy and childlike playfulness.

    When you feel connected with yourself again, you'll radiate love and everyone around you will benefit. And this makes us so happy.

    It might sound cheesy, but that's what we are doing it all for.

Are you re-evaluating life and looking for more meaning?

Your journey within starts here with our free gift

When you go on any journey you need to know where you are headed and how to orientate yourself while you travel.

It’s the same when you start to venture into a deeper connection with yourself, a road map to help you navigate your inner world is really handy.

Inner Compass is your way to navigate, and it is where we recommend you start any inner work.

Your life is not supposed to be lived while sleepwalking, numb to the fullness of the experience. It's here to be lived, fully and completely. There is a way, and we can find it together.
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Are you re-evaluating life and looking for more meaning?