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Sometimes we have to retreat, in order to move forward

When you've had a lot on your plate, sometimes you just want to have a break to get away from it all. Not just to escape as skeptics might argue. But to grieve, to heal, to re-connect. To realise who you are no longer and to find out what no longer serves you. To remember who you wish to be instead. 

To re-invent yourself and to find answers deep within:

- What type of work really suits me?

- Where do I want to live?

- How to love in a healthy way?

- What do I want to do with my life?

- How to contribute to this world and bring more meaning to my existence?

This time is for you, to really focus on yourself. It's crucial, otherwise you'll continue to feel lost. Still be without direction or purpose. And feeling somehow alone; different compared to those around you. And frustrated due to a nagging sense of wasting your precious life.

Your 'Project Self'

Reconnecting with yourself to be able again to fully love others.

To retreat is vital for your well-being. A kind of re-birth of the 'you before' transforming into the 'you after'.

At Inner Pilgrim we call it Project Self, an opportunity to redefine yourself and your life, without it being selfish. Quite the opposite! This is especially so you can reconnect with those you love from a deeper, rested, genuine place.

Regardless if your Project Self is just for an hour or two, a well-deserved holiday, a much-awaited sabbatical or round-the-world trip; let's make the most of it!

If you like, Inner Pilgrim comes along for travel guidance. We know many wonderful destinations on this globe and propose helpful psychological tools to navigate your inner world.

You can view us as a Travel Guide to Your Soul.
Your 'Project Self'

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May You Be Happy

We are seekers. We search answers, true happiness and a sense of who we really are. Are you one of us?

  • Travel The World

    "Sometimes we have to retreat,
    in order to move forward"

    Inner Pilgrim offers unique spiritual holidays and transformational retreats.

    We've seen a lot over the years and we share all that we know; from a donation based ashram, to a luxury wellness hotel.

  • Journey Within

    "Join us on the most courageous journey of all: that into your own inner world"

    The good news? Our Inner Pilgrim Journeys are online, and can be done wherever you are! During your holiday or travels, but also from the comfort of your own sofa.

    We've thought of everything, to create a lovely 'Stay-At-Home' or 'Travel-The-World' Retreat for you.

  • Feel the Love

    At Inner Pilgrim we wish you happiness. We like to see you shine, with joy and childlike playfulness.

    When you feel connected with yourself again, you'll radiate love and everyone around you will benefit. And this makes us so happy.

    It might sound cheesy, but that's what we are doing it all for.

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There is more to life than going through the motions on auto-pilot. It's meant to be lived, fully and completely. If you don’t live your truth, nobody else will.
The world will be deprived of what only you can contribute.

Do you know what one of the biggest regrets of dying people is? That they didn’t live a life true to themselves, but instead based their lives on what others wanted from them.
(Source: Bronnie Ware, The Top Five Regrets of the Dying).

Inner Pilgrim guides you on a sacred inner voyage. We'll show you how to stop sleep-walking through your own life and to find the courage to make choices true to your deepest calling. And don't worry if you have no idea what you want, that is exactly what we're going to help you find out.

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