Meditation: Your Safe Place

When feeling stressed or overwhelmed, this easy yet profound guided meditation connects you with a peaceful place within your own being.

A safe place, mind sanctuary, or happy place is a mental location that you visualize to reduce anxiety and stress. The idea is very simple. With the help of creative imagination, visualisation and meditation you will access a soothing place inside your own mind that brings a feeling of safety and inner calm. So when you are stressed or anxious, you imagine to be in this safe place. The meditation restores a felt-sense of security in your body, mind, and emotional world.

Whatever life throws your way, this meditation brings that much wanted sense of safety and resilience.

"I love your voice. Your sweetness Karin, your compassionate energy, the calmness you radiate, this meditation has made my journey much easier. I feel re-connected and at peace with myself."

Maite - Nurse - Spain

Travel Guide to Your Inner Sanctuary:
Safe Place Meditation

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"'Remember, the entrance door to the sanctuary is inside you.'"

- Rumi -

Meet the voice behind your meditation

Hi, I'm Karin Peeters

Coach & Psychotherapist

Founder of Inner Pilgrim

Think of me as a Commercial Tiger and Buddhist Zen Monk in one.

Thanks to my corporate background at Heineken I am refreshingly practical with a down-to-earth nature and solution focused attitude.

I combine this with an extensive experience in Eastern Wisdom Traditions, The Buddhist Art of Living, Mindfulness Meditation and Creative Arts. My clients often compare me with a bridge, successfully applying the philosophy of the East to Western life.

I'm a qualified psychotherapist and coach with over ten years of private practice experience in the City of London.

I enjoy sharing my suitcase full of techniques with you, to improve your daily life both at work and at home. And I love to guide you to experience heartfelt healing for your body, mind and soul.

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This easy yet profound guided meditation reduces stress and anxiety, and connects you with a safe and calm centre within yourself.

We all remember places, people or pets that bring us a sense of calm, and safety. Unfortunately it is not always possible to physically visit these places, or to be with those dear to us. By connecting with your inner sanctuary, a safe place becomes available to you whenever you need to go there.

This will give you a chance to calm down, and to be able to assess the situation from a more stable and resourceful place within yourself.

"Safe Place/Soothing Space" meditations are often used by Compassion-Focused Therapy (CFT) practitioners.

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Your Travel Guide to Your Inner Sanctuary: Safe Place Meditation

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