Find your best way forward

When life presents you with choices, know which ones to take to move forwards in life with confidence. Online Course £229. Including three 1-to-1 coaching sessions £529.

  • Seven in-depth coaching videos with tools and techniques to clear the confusion and take decisions true to yourself. Everything is downloadable, so yours for life.

  • Five meditations for relaxation, knowing what you want and connecting with your intuition. Downloadable onto your phone and access anywhere, any time.

  • Optional: three one-to-one coaching session via Skype or WhatsApp (duration: 60 minutes each).

Not sure what to do?

Knowing which way to go when at a crossroads in life

We all come to a place in life where we start to question our direction. Taking a moment to pause, and re-evaluate if you're still on the right course is a brave thing to do. You might be familiar with that exhausting feeling of constant circling thoughts that take you no-where.

Are you at a crossroads in life and confused about one or more of the following choices:
What is the next step in my career?
Is this the right partner for me?
Do I want children? As a single parent?
What type of parent do I wish to be, and what lifestyle is best for my children?
Where do I want to live? Should I move country?
Should I quit my job?
What do I want to do with my life?

Following a path that is true to yourself is often scary, and you can end up being in a state of paralysis, getting stuck in no-mans land.

When the old you no longer applies and the new you is not yet known, Inner Pilgrim knows the way.

An immersive coaching course that'll make you breathe a sigh of relief when your next phase in life becomes clear.

What's included?

Crossroads consists of seven online coaching modules and five guided meditations. It will guide you through The Art of Confident Decision Making and gives you the courage to live a life true to yourself. There is the option to add 1-to-1 coaching sessions.

"I was at a loss if I wanted to pursue my current career, or to go a completely different way. This course helped me to look at my insecurities and to dare to listen to my heart".

Esther, King's College

What will you learn?

When life presents you with choices, know which ones to take to deepen your commitment to yourself and to more forwards in life with confidence.

Knowing what you want

Clear your head of indecision and enjoy inner quiet

Having the thoughts in your head go round and round like a broken record can make it tricky to understand what you truly want. Therefore you'll start this coaching course with a cathartic brain-dump to download everything that is currently going through your mind. You'll connect with your deeper intention with the help of a profound meditation. A deep, wise part of yourself will guide you on your way forward and bring that much craved silence in your head.

Overcoming your fears

Stepping into the unknown is an act of bravery

The more profound the inner transformation, the deeper the fears you need to face. In order to step into a new version of yourself, you need to let go of the old that is no longer serving you. This can be about places, jobs and sometimes even certain people. That doesn't mean you stopped caring, but it means you are learning to say no to others in order to say yes to yourself. Not as an act of selfishness, but as a vital step in your life's journey.

A time of change also invites you to look at certain habits and beliefs that long for healing and transformation. It can feel incredibly scary, and the course spends an entire module on understanding your worries about what might happen and how to develop the qualities you need to move forward with confidence.

Embracing the richness of life

The incredible satisfaction of living true to yourself

The coaching course guides you to connect with a part of yourself that is deep and true. It's who you truly are, more free and joyous then you can currently imagine. When you live aligned with your True Self, you are living fully, purely, wholly. Regardless of what you call this innermost part of your being, or whether you consider yourself spiritual or a non-believer, you'll love this part of the course. It's the cherry on the cake!

Your Inner Journey to Clarity

This online course includes seven coaching videos with workbooks, five meditations and the option to complement the course with 1-to-1 coaching sessions.

Your Travel Guide

One-To-One Life & Career Coaching

This online course can be complemented with three personal 1-to-1 sessions with one of our team of experienced coaches who are also fully qualified Psychotherapists or Psychologists. Your coach is there to confidently and purposefully guide you through your own unique challenges, offering tools and techniques to lighten the emotional and psychological load as you travel. These sessions are a full hour, just for you, creating time and space for deep transformation and can take place by phone or online from wherever you are in the world.

Your Road Map

Video Coaching Experiences

In-depth coaching videos and extensive workbooks take you step by step on your journey within. Each coaching exercise takes around one hour to complete and comes with a Mindfulness Contemplation for reflection and journaling.

All material is available for download, so there is no need to have continuous access to the internet. You can follow the Inner Journeys at a pace that suits you and revisit as often as you like, as you’ll have lifetime access to all the material. We have designed your Inner Journey to be as powerful and flexible for you as we can!

Your Sanctuary

Guided Meditations

We know turning inward can be easier said than done. We are here to help you calm the mind, and find your own answers from within. Each step of the Inner Journey comes with its own dedicated guided meditation. These are tailored to subtly and powerfully enhance your personal development work. Meditations that focus on connecting with your intuition, deepening the breath, overcoming your fears, knowing your heart’s desire and working with relaxing the body are just some of the focuses of these deeply connecting and soothing audios.

Easily downloadable onto your phone, you can enjoy them anywhere, any time.

Lovely Words

Gratitude from fellow Inner Pilgrims

5 star rating

Really helpful resource

Jon Morgan

I was going through a bit of a crisis of confidence getting used to a demanding new job. This course really helped me identify what my priorities were, both at work and in my home life, and to get a better understanding of what is important to me...

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I was going through a bit of a crisis of confidence getting used to a demanding new job. This course really helped me identify what my priorities were, both at work and in my home life, and to get a better understanding of what is important to me. Jon

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4 star rating

Can recommend to anyone who feels a bit lost

Eveline de Vries

This online coaching course is a great support to structure your thoughts, feelings, emotions and behaviours and discover patterns between them. I can recommend this course to anyone who feels a bit lost.

This online coaching course is a great support to structure your thoughts, feelings, emotions and behaviours and discover patterns between them. I can recommend this course to anyone who feels a bit lost.

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4 star rating

Very helpful to give that extra clarity and motivation to make a decision

Dominique Vosmaer

What is it that you really want, and why haven't you done it yet? That is in a nutshell what this course meant to me. It guides you in a structural way through the questions you should be asking yourself in order to get clarity on what it is you...

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What is it that you really want, and why haven't you done it yet? That is in a nutshell what this course meant to me. It guides you in a structural way through the questions you should be asking yourself in order to get clarity on what it is you really want. And it helps to take the steps from making the decision to actually seeing it through (and how to make it happen). The videos are very clear and Karin speaks in a very personal, but also relaxing way, which makes it very pleasant to watch.

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"The more complicated it feels to take a decision, the bigger the internal transformation you are going through."

Frequently Asked Questions

Things you might be wondering about.

  • Is this course for me? Can it help me?

    This course is for caring people who have important choices to make. When you are unsure of what to do, but you know you want to take the decision with respect for everyone involved while staying true to yourself, then this is made with you in mind.

    It's for you when you are currently at crossroads in life: for example in relation to your partner, children, moving home or in regards to your career. Or it might be that your entire life feels up in the air at the moment. This course takes you by the hand and guides you step by step to a place of clarity and calm.

    If you wish to re-connect again with yourself, to find out what you want and to be fully present again for those you love, then this coaching course will bring you clarity and confidence.

  • How does it work?

    The entire course is online, including profound coaching videos, guided audio meditations, easy to follow worksheets and mindfulness journaling exercises.

    You can purchase the online course only, or enjoy the additional support of one-to-one Life & Career Coaching sessions. These sessions take place via Skype or WhatsApp.

    This Inner Coaching Journey includes practical, cognitive psychology tools and integrates powerful techniques like creative arts (drawing), meditations, breathing exercises and the soothing power of ancient Eastern Philosophy.

  • What will I get out of this course?

    - Getting an overview of your current situation and becoming clear on your best way forward;

    - Listening to your inner wisdom by following your heart and trusting your intuition;

    - Daring to express your truth: Not living a life based on expectations of others, but knowing who you are, deep inside, and live true to yourself;

    - Understanding and overcoming your fears;

    - Stop pleasing the world and dare to follow the path true to your own Soul.

    Throughout the Online Coaching Course you will re-connect with who you really want to be and who you have always been deep inside. It's a sacred journey of in-depth personal discovery.

  • What's the duration of this course?

    The total coaching course takes most participants between 5-8 weeks to complete, working through an average of one module a week.

    Each module includes a video, explaining a coaching exercise. You can decide for yourself how much time to devote to it: on average participants take around one to one-and-a-half hours to complete each exercise. Each video comes with an in-depth worksheet to answer any questions you might have. The more time you invest, the more depth and insight you'll get out of it.

    The coaching videos can be completed at your own pace. You can download the videos and they're yours for life: you can take all the time you need to reflect while going through the course and come back to certain bits whenever you like.

    If you prefer to do the course faster, for example during a holiday, this is possible too. Little note of warning though, speed is not always in your favour while doing inner work. Make sure you have enough time to slow down, and reflect on the exercises to get most out of this inner journey.

  • What if I start digging into my inner world and things come up that scare me, that I am not ready for, or that are going to turn my current life upside down?

    This one is a common worry. It's partly a genuine fear. And it's partly an excuse for not having to start reflecting on your life.

    Yes, inconvenient stuff is going to come to the surface. Almost guaranteed. Whatever you've been unable (for whatever valid reason) to look at so far will pop up. It deserves to be seen, understood, healed and transformed. This can be painful and messy. But it's like a spring clean; once you're free of the old, unnecessary stuff you'll feel so much lighter. Liberated. And there will be space for the new.

    And yes, change can be inconvenient. Moving away from the known is scary. If you are happy the way things are, don't change. If you feel there is more out there for you, be courageous and jump in. One day you'll look back and you'll be grateful you did!

  • Can I pay in installments?

    Most definitely. Pay the first installment via the link above and we'll get everything sorted for you.

  • What if I buy it and I’m not happy with the course?

    Your full course price will be refunded if you let us know within 10 days that the course has not met your expectations. No need to call or explain yourself. Just drop us an email (hello@innerpilgrim) and we'll refund the fee you've paid.

    The refund is excluding any one-to-one coaching sessions you have already received and we deduct a £50 admin charge of the course price.

    We offer this 100% money back guarantee, because we trust you'll love it.

  • What if I'd like further support or inspiration?

    Feel free to join us at the Inner Pilgrim Facebook or Instagram Community. Karin Peeters, our director, comes online often to answer any questions you might have. The fellow members are a very safe and kind bunch of people, happy to help and motivate you along the way.

    Additional one-to-one sessions with our coaches can be purchased as and when you like.

    You can also email us with any questions you might have at

    Or you can email Karin directly, you will receive her personal email address when you sign up for this Inner Journey.

  • What will we do during the 1-to-1 sessions as an addition to the course?

    1-to-1 sessions are to deepen your learning from the course. You can email your notes, handouts and questions from the course, which will be read by your coach before your session. We will do new exercises in 1-to1 sessions, especially tailored to your unique situation. Clients have shared that the 1-to-1 sessions gave them an opportunity to slow down, to reflect deeper and to explore their challenges in more depth. It's especially useful to have the coach act like a mirror, and point out any blind spots or things you might have been unaware of before.

It's time for a new you

When the old you no longer applies and the new you is not yet known, Inner Pilgrim knows the way.

Hi, I'm Karin

Coach & Psychotherapist

Founder of Inner Pilgrim

My friends describe me as a Commercial Tiger and Buddhist Zen Monk in one.

Thanks to my corporate background at Heineken I am refreshingly practical with a down-to-earth nature and solution focused attitude.

Yet I combine this with an extensive experience in Eastern Wisdom Traditions, The Buddhist Art of Living, Mindfulness Meditation and Creative Arts. My clients often compare me with a bridge, successfully applying the philosophy of the East to Western life.

I'm a qualified psychotherapist and coach with ten years of private practice experience in the City of London.

I enjoy sharing my suitcase full of techniques with you, to improve your daily life both at work and at home. And I love to guide you to experience heartfelt healing for your soul!

Course Curriculum

A profound and inspirational coaching journey that will bring crystal clear clarity to your next step in life.

  • 1


    • Getting the most out of your Inner Journey

    • Survey: Useful Self-Assessment

    • Video: Welcome

    • Video: Being Supported throughout your Inner Journey

  • 2

    Extra Gift - Setting Goals and Intentions

    • Well Begun is Half Done

    • Video: Setting Your Goals and Intention

    • Worksheet: Always Remembering Your Why

    • Guided Meditation: Connecting With Your Deeper Motivation

  • 3

    Seeing the Big Picture

    • Knowing Where To Start

    • Video: From Chaos in Your Head to Seeing the Big Picture

    • Worksheet: Mastering Your Internal Reactions to External Events

    • Guided Meditation: Deep Relaxation

  • 4

    Finding Alignment

    • Solving The Right Problem

    • Video: The Art of Confident Decision Making

    • Worksheet: Getting to Know Yourself Better

    • Guided Meditation: The Heart of the Matter

  • 5

    Balancing Head & Heart

    • Head vs Heart

    • Video: Harmonising Your Rational Brain and Your Heart's Desire

    • Worksheet: The Wisdom of our Thoughts and Feelings

    • Guided Meditation: Listen to Your Heart

  • 6

    Being Courageous

    • Finding the Courage to Face your Fears

    • Video: Being Brave and Overcoming What is Stopping You

    • Worksheet: Overcoming Your Fears

    • Meditation: Transforming Your Fears

  • 7

    Living Truthfully

    • Living Aligned With Who You Truly Are

    • Video: Living Your Life, Not Someone Else's

    • Worksheet: Choosing to live true to yourself

  • 8

    Precious Closing Ceremony

    • Video: Dedications and Aspirations

    • Survey: New Insights

    • Completely and Totally Proud of You!

Knowing the right direction

Clarity is fundamental at every important decision in life

Enrol now and start immediately

Choose the payment option which suits you best.

Trusting that one way or another, everything will work out fine.

Reviews for Crossroads to Clarity

“I drew these dolphins during the Heart's Desire Meditation, representing playfulness while being in love.

My aim for joining the course was breaking a pattern of losing myself when I'm dating and in love.”

37 year old female

“The course helped me recognise my biggest fear: that all my time is devoured by this monster.

The coaching course helped me to improve a pattern of having no quality time for myself, my relationship with my husband, or for my kids.”

Marjolein, mother of two

“I signed up as I was at a loss if I wanted to pursue my career in the field of my studies, or to go a completely different way.

The course helped to look at my insecurities and to dare to listen to my heart more.”

Esther from The Netherlands

“The course made me investigate an inner conflict I've had for a while. Should I either continue going through life "doing it my way", or shall I try to open up to others and connect more?

The infinity symbol appeared during the meditations symbolising my deep wish for more connection and friendship.”


“I am a teacher who works with vulnerable children who have been exposed to online grooming and sexual exploitation. Also children with ASC (Autistic Spectrum Conditions).

This course will be used in conjunction with their therapy programme to educate them in a therapeutic environment. Thank you so much Karin Peeters, for providing the entire online course completely for free.”

Julie Arnold

“The post-it exercise really helped me to get an overview of what was going on for me. As you can see by the amount of post-its, there was so much chaos in my mind.

This Inner Journey brought me clarity and peace. It became more quiet in my head.”

Almost 40 and wanting to be self-employed