Experience the soulful benefits of meditation

Journey with us on this ancient pathway to peace

When we quiet our mind a deeper source of wisdom will speak. Being aware of - and listening to - this innate and intrinsic inner guidance is a cornerstone to living a life you love.

In this easy yet profound mediation series I have attempted to give you a flavour of the depth of true meditation practice. Taught to me in the West during my psychotherapy education, combined with my experience in the East with established Buddhist Mediation Masters and world-renowned Yogi's.

These guided meditations will invite you to a deep connection with something greater, and thereby bringing more inner calm, wisdom and joy into your life.

"I love your voice. Your sweetness Karin, your compassionate energy, the calmness you radiate, these meditations have made my journey much easier. I feel re-connected and at peace with myself."

Maite, Spanish Nurse

Course curriculum

Five Easy yet Profound Guided Meditations

  • 1


    • Five Easy but Profound Guided Meditations

  • 2

    Releasing Physical Tension and Stress

    • Guided Meditation: Body Scan

  • 3

    Healing Yourself with Your Inner Smile

    • Guided Meditation: Cultivating Joy

  • 4

    Knowing What You Want

    • Guided Meditation: Heart's Desire

  • 5

    Reducing Anxiety

    • Guided Meditation: Mindful Breathing

  • 6

    Connecting with Your Intuitive Wisdom Within

    • Guided Visualisation: Your Inner Wise Guide

  • 7

    Thank You

    • Gratitude and Connection


Including permission to download so they are yours for life, to be enjoyed anytime, anywhere.

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    Five Easy yet Profound Guided Meditations

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"Quiet the mind, and the soul will speak."

- Ma Jaya Sati Bhagavati -

Results & Benefits

  • Unlock Your Wisdom

    Have you been feeling stuck, going over the same issue in your head without gaining any clarity? These meditations will connect you with your truth and innate wisdom, waiting to be discovered within.

  • Connect with Your Intuition

    These meditations drop you from the head into the heart and re-connect you with your intuitive spiritual side.

  • Enjoy Inner Balance

    Let go of stress, anxiety and worries with the help of ancient breathing and deep relaxation techniques. Your mind, body and spirit will release their tension and open up to a soft soothing sensation.

Pathways to Peace

Enjoy the calming effect of meditating straight away