Travel Guide to your Soul

Road maps for your journey into your inner world

Have you been wondering for a while how to make time and space for yourself? Is there a wish to get to know yourself better, to turn inwards, and to connect with your spiritual side?

Wondering how? And where to start?

Worry no longer. Inner Pilgrim offers Online Coaching Courses, a kind of Travel Guides to your Inner World.

Enjoy these Online Coaching Courses while On-The-Road (when travelling the globe) or as a Stay-At-Home Retreat (from the comfort of your own sofa. You can even wear PJs if you like).

Each course consists of coaching videos, audio meditations and extensive workbooks to take you step by step on your journey within.

You can follow the courses in a time-frame that suits you, taking as little or as much time as you like. All material is available for download, so there is no need to have continuous access to the internet. We tried to make this Inner Journey as comfortable for you as we can!

You can choose the price level that suits you best: Tourist, Explorer, Traveller or Boutique, giving you flexibility on the length and depth of your Inner Journey.

Inner Journey - Tourist Style

Willing to dip your toe in and test the waters?

This 1-1.5 hour coaching journey makes the muddle in your head disappear and you'll see the big picture in four easy steps.

Your Wheel of Clarity: From where you are now, to getting clear on what you want, to overcoming what is stopping you and knowing how to get there.

Break-through Mini-Course £69 and for the truly committed also available with a one-to-one personal coaching session for £249 (Course and 1hr Coaching Session).
£69
Inner Journey - Tourist Style

Inner Journey - Explorer Style

Are you ready to go on a true adventure within?

This 5-8 week coaching journey brings an end to your hesitation and doubt and shows you how to take your decisions with confidence.

Turning Confusion Into Clarity: Important choices to make but no idea what to do? Standing at a crossroads in life and confused about the best way forward? Learn the Art of Confident Decision Making!

Five Modules in-depth Online Coaching Course for £399.
£399
Inner Journey - Explorer Style

Inner Journey - Traveller Style

Are you a true soul searcher, seeking for depth and meaning in life?

This 90 days coaching journey will say goodbye to your confusion and disconnection with yourself and/or others. It'll be your Travel Guide to clarity, purpose and joy.

Soulful Living: This is MY LIFE and I am ready to live it to the fullest again! Create time and space for yourself with the full commitment to taking your life back in your own hands.

Receive Turning Confusion Into Clarity and Finding Yourself Again as a bundle plus many additional bonuses.

Twelve Modules in-depth Online Coaching Course for £798.
£798
Inner Journey - Traveller Style

Inner Journey - Boutique Style

Tailor Made Itinerary For Your Journey Within

A One Year Transformational Mentor Program with one-to-one guidance by Karin Peeters. Imagine personal Skype calls, bespoke recorded meditations, Vision Boarding, analysis of your dreams and much more.

Receive Wheel of Clarity, Turning Confusion Into Clarity and Finding Yourself Again plus many additional bonuses.

By request only. Email us for the application form.
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Inner Journey - Boutique Style

Everybody Loves For Free

Because we really want you to get to know us before you decide to pay for our services

Not too sure yet if spending your money on an Inner Pilgrim journey is the right thing to do?

Totally understand! So we made an amazing really cool free course. Not just a little check-list. No, a complete Online Coaching Course, called LIVE YOUR TRUTH.

Sign up now with your email address. Immediately an eBook, the first (out of three!) videos and a step-by-step worksheet will land in your inbox, for you to enjoy.
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