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Are you re-evaluating life and looking for more meaning?

When you go on any journey you need to know where you are headed and how to orientate yourself while you travel. It’s the same when you start to venture into a deeper connection with yourself, a road map to help you navigate your inner world is really handy. 

It helps to know what the current landscape looks like, to know what you want, to be clear on the end destination and what it might be like when you get there.

It’s helpful to know what is getting in the way of smooth travel between here and there, and enlightening to know what to leave behind so you don’t carry too much and hinder progress.  

Inner Compass is your way to navigate, and it is where we recommend you start any inner work. 

Your life is not supposed to be lived while sleepwalking, numb to the fullness of the experience. It's here to be lived, fully and completely. There is a way, and we can find it together.

Looking for direction?

Gain more clarity in four easy steps

1) Your Current Situation: get clear on where you are at
2) Your Desired Outcome: connect with what you truly want
3) Overcome Your Fears: understand what's getting in the way
4) New Beginnings: invite new ideas, solutions and ways forward.

Guided by thoughtful meditations, coaching video's and helpful worksheets we will take you on a step-by-step Inner Journey.

Enjoy that sense of ease and calm that comes with clarity and direction.
Looking for direction?

Free Inner Compass

Get Clear on Your Next Step in Life

How you and those you love will benefit

  • Insight

    Inner Compass is about turning inwards. It's about taking a moment to reflect on your life.

    The guided meditations in this Mini-Course connect you with your heart and reveal your path in life.

  • Big Picture

    If you are at a loss of what to do, this coaching course will help you gain perspective and an overall view of the situation within four easy-to-follow steps.

  • Courage

    When the shift you are going through is profound, it's common a lot of fears pop up.

    This Mini-Course helps you look at your old habits and beliefs in order to let go what is no longer serving you.

Feel like a broken record?

No more going over the same thing, gain clarity with Your Inner Compass

Words of Gratitude

Reviews for Inner Compass


After Hodgkin, it's Time for Me!


As a 30 year old Social Worker I am used to help people gain insights into their own Self. Recently I got ill (Hodgkin) and after an intense period, I felt it was time to gain insights myself. Very scary!

But to be honest, Karin and the Inner Pilgrim course made it a lot easier than I anticipated. Meditation was new for me and being led into the right direction by Karin's voice and instructions was a very pleasant experience.

I feel very grateful for Karin's precious contribution to this important phase in my life. A time in which I dared to give attention, which I usually only wish for others, to myself.

The most profound insight I gained from my Inner Compass is that my tendency to focus on others is giving me less focus on myself and the exploration of my own inner world.

I'd like to practise being content, without spectacular life-goals, and to continue discovering my own being.
Inge Smak - 40 years

Helped me Gain Clarity

Inge Smak - 40 years

Very intuitive and easy-to-follow coaching course. Really helped me to slow down due to Karin's flow and relaxed energy.

The combination of meditations with practical questions helped me gain clarity into what I encounter at this point in my life.

One of the many insights I received is when I invite too much input from others, I get lost in all their information, and become disconnected from my own truth.
Karin Peeters

Breaking Free

Karin Peeters

This is a snippet of Karin's own Inner Compass. She did this coaching exercise at a time of her life when she felt overloaded.

It helped her to connect with a big wish to break free from a confused sense of feeling overly responsible.

As part of this Inner Pilgrim Mini-Course she'll share her entire Inner Compass with you.

My Dreams


I recommend this coaching tool to everyone. I never draw or meditate, but I have found Karin's Mini-Course to be very useful.

Thank you Karin for being there for me.
30-something year old female

It felt liberating

30-something year old female

Karin, you're just amazing. I loved creating my Inner Compass.

I got in touch with my search for spirituality and inner peace, but also with my fears around money and security.

The last step felt a little scary to me after drawing, but when talking it through with you it makes complete sense. It's about a powerful, expressive part of me that has been suppressed for too long. Now the lid has gone off, and it wants to live!
Female approaching 40

Tears and Hope

Female approaching 40

Thank you Karin for this wonderful course. I really enjoyed being invited to draw. It was nice to be creative and at the same time find answers about my struggles in life.

It was good for me to connect with what is hidden deep down under my sadness. And to see what my desired outcome is… To realise what I really want, instead of saying what I don’t want.

It is in my own hands to change, simply by believing in this one thing: trust. This is represented by my fourth drawing.

This Mini-Course is helping me to understand myself better, to know how I want it to be and how I can help myself to make this a reality.

I loved the process, I enjoyed every bit of it. Thank you. It was very easy to do, clear, playful due to the drawings, very good explanations and the videos where quick to watch. Really nice coaching course!
41 year old traveller

The Outcome Surprised Me

41 year old traveller

I decided to sign up for Inner Compass at a time in my life that was actually going quite well. Yet there was this underlying restlessness inside of me.

When the guided meditation connected me with my fears, an old familiar fear came up. It's about a fear of loss, of losing those I love.

Karin guided me deeper into my fears, and I realised that there is also a fear of being fully, totally and completely happy! To surrender to joy. This really surprised me, and I have been feeling very light and care-free since.

So even when you are doing quite well, this coaching exercise made me feel even better!
Aileen Shea

A butterfly coming out of a cocoon

Aileen Shea

This is very good! I appreciate all you have been sending me. I have many days I feel very lost and then it seems you send me an email. I'm grateful.

I feel like a butterfly coming out of a cocoon!! Working with things and letting go... Feeling my happiness.

Thank you, thank you for including me on your path... Thanks for being here.

In gratitude, Aileen
Dr. Anamika Kumari

Medical Doctor in Search of Spirituality

Dr. Anamika Kumari

Karin has the magical ability to descent down to deeper levels of mind and soul and unveil amazing things about your own personality.

Karin's tools will help you to confront your insecurities... Your deep seated pains... Also you'll be able to find out your real goals and purpose in life.

She has the magical tool of self understanding. And I guess that's the need of this hour.
Sophiya xx

Reconsider my route in life

Sophiya xx

I am actually in the middle of making this decision of whether I want to continue with my PhD or not. My heart just isn't in it anymore, and together with the difficulties I am facing, it is making me reconsider my route in life.

I thought I'll give this mini-course a GO! It comes at the right time for me, so thank you. I also shared it with friends.

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Inner Compass

Because it's nice to know you're heading in the right direction

Words of Gratitude

More reviews for Inner Compass

Pleun Andriessen

I found the strength to cut my hair

Pleun Andriessen

I made this photo shortly after following the Inner Compass mini-course. I have the auto-immune disease Alopecia Areata, which makes me lose my hair.

For a long time I wanted to shave everything off, and to stop hiding my bald patches, but I never found the courage to follow it through. But after I did Inner Compass I found the inner strength!

I am very happy with the result and therefore very grateful for this experience.
Australian with Indian roots

Clarity on what I value in life

Australian with Indian roots

I loved the short meditations, and I feel like my Inner Compass is full of so many words and images because my internal world is so busy and confused right now. It helped me tremendously to clarify what it is that I value and want in my life.

It is like my Inner Compass has shown me that my old goals don't align with my new views and values anymore.

Thank you so much for existing Karin! Haha I know it sounds strange, but I feel like you are a little ray of sunshine in this world. Keep doing what you do as it has so much potential to change people's lives.

I am still astonished by what it revealed


Halfway my Inner Compass I stopped, thinking I was incapable of opening up to my inner self.

It took time for me to feel so deeply, and I felt I needed to do my Inner Compass gradually, without forcing too much. But I finally completed the whole course!

I was aware of tending to sabotage myself, but I did not have the tools to change it. Inner Compass helped me to ask myself the real questions, the ones that hurt, but necessary to learn how to live better and take better control of my life.

Very dubious of self-help and quick answers


I have always been very dubious of any self-help tools or promises of quick answers. In fact, I would not have done this except that I have come to
trust Karin a lot. She is so kind and wise and really helped me so much.

What came out from my Inner Compass was something I really didn't expect. It forced me to be really honest and non-judgemental about what I want, and then to think about why I want it.

I definitely recommend doing this. It only takes a short time, but you might find it really valuable as I did. I am not so brave as Karin to share my Inner Compass though... (you'll find out when you watch her special bonus video). Not quite yet...
40 something year old deciding where, what, how next!

A real crossroads in life

40 something year old deciding where, what, how next!

After over 18 years as a teacher I felt I’d come to a real crossroads in life. Feeling stuck in deciding where to look for a new job, swayed by a new relationship that I was unsure about, and torn between commitments in two countries, I found Karin’s coaching to be an enlightening and relieving journey in self kindness, love and honesty.

It helped pinpoint exactly what was holding me back from moving on and focus on the most important matters of the heart.

She is insightful, perceptive and has a gift of helping others see more clearly through the chaos of everyday life.

No matter where you are, Karin can help you to make sense of the landscape of life.
Irish by birth, world citizen by heart

A little bit embarrassing...

Irish by birth, world citizen by heart

Sharing my Inner Compass feels a little bit embarrassing, but happy for you to use it if maybe it helps someone, it helped me find clarity.

It gave me a practical tool to use at a time when I felt really overwhelmed and confused. It gave me insight and clarity to understand how I was feeling and how to get out the confusion. A very powerful exercise!