You are you

Walk your own path

* Are all the “shoulds” taking over your life?
* Are you fed up living on auto-pilot?
* Is it time to pause and connect with yourself, and be with what is going on inside of you?
* Do you feel there must be a deeper kind of happiness possible?
* Do you want to stop your mental chatter and follow a deeper calling?

This Mini-Course "Find Your Path - Live Your Truth" is created to guide you toward profound self-reflection and to a life where your outer reality matches your innermost longings.

It includes an eBook with 3 videos and worksheets, plus a guided meditation to help you follow what makes you happy in three easy steps.

Find Your Path

Live a life true to yourself

A clear path forward in life

Learn to listen to your inner wisdom in three easy steps

There is more to life than going through the motions on autopilot. It's meant to be lived, fully and completely.

If you don’t live your truth, nobody else will. The world will be deprived of what only you can contribute.

Do you know what one of the biggest regrets of dying people is? That they didn’t live a life true to themselves, but instead based their lives on what others wanted from them. (Source: Bronnie Ware, The Top Five Regrets of the Dying).

Inner Pilgrim guides you on a sacred inner voyage. We'll show you how to stop sleep-walking through your own life and to find the courage to make choices true to your deepest calling. And don't worry if you have no idea what you want, that is exactly what we're going to help you find out.

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A clear path forward in life

Find Your Path - Live Your Truth

Follow what makes you happy

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    Find Your Path - Live Your Truth

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  • Thank you

    Hannah Copeland

    Grateful for this course and meditation. During a time of great uncertainty and crossroads of work and personal life, it was very grounding and put things ba...

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    Grateful for this course and meditation. During a time of great uncertainty and crossroads of work and personal life, it was very grounding and put things back in perspective.

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Follow Your Inner Compass

Learn to navigate your inner world.

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Course curriculum

  • 1
    • Getting the most out of your Mini-Retreat
    • Survey: Self-Assessment
    • Video: Nice to meet you!
  • 2
    eBook: Find Your Path & Live Your Truth
    • Three steps to following what makes you happy
  • 3
    Module One - It's OK not to be OK
    • Video: What's bothering you at the moment?
    • Worksheet Module One
  • 4
    Module Two - Practise the Pause
    • Video: How to stop and connect with what you're feeling
    • Worksheet Module Two
  • 5
    Module Three - Be Brave
    • Video: Let go of your fears and go for what you really want
    • Worksheet Module Three
  • 6
    Bonus Gift - Guided Meditation
    • Guided Meditation: Connect with Your Calm Center
  • 7
    Next Steps
    • Heartfelt Support
    • Video: Further Support & Inspiration on Your Inner Journey
    • Video: Buddhist Closing Ritual
  • 8
    • Completely and Totally Proud of You
    • Survey: Your Gained Insights

Words of Gratitude

Reviews of Participants of "Live Your Truth"

Virginia Rodriguez

I was in the middle of a blizzard

Virginia Rodriguez

"I never take the time to stop and think about my feelings. I do things for my work and my kids, but to pause and understand my deeper feelings is something I do not know how to do.

You gave me a path to discover what I think and feel, and a way of developing myself. I try to rationalise everything, but with some things inside of me there is no rational way out of it.

I went through a difficult time with my partner and now I need to investigate inside, instead of escaping in new hobbies or avoiding my feelings.

And I don't want to talk about it all the time with friends, I am afraid to burden them. You helped me to understand what is happening to me. By connecting with my interior I can have a more peaceful life."
Pablo Orsolini

I Felt Very Lost

Pablo Orsolini

I was reading your newsletter and I thought, why not? And, when I finished listening to your voice I realised I really need to do this.

In these last years I have found myself being very lost in a lot of ways. Now for the first time in a long time, I feel that I have found a tool and I can work with this to feel better.

Thanks Karin!
Trudy Nabuurs, Self Employed Stylist

No more Hiding in Playing Games on My Phone

Trudy Nabuurs, Self Employed Stylist

As an entrepreneur people often tell me 'Wow, how impressive, you are really doing what you love'. And that is true.

For years I am trying to listen to my heart and only say yes to what brings me energy. Yet this course really triggered me to participate. Why?

My work looks great on paper. But I want to take my business to the next level and I am blocking my own progress. A voice in my head keeps saying 'Can I do it?' and 'You should feel satisfied with what you've got. Be grateful and stop wanting more all the time!'

During "Live Your Truth" I was invited to look into the mirror of my psyche, guided in a loving and clear way. I realised I want to make the next step, but am hiding in playing games on my phone.

"Live Your Truth" taught me to become even more aware of how my limiting beliefs cause me to procrastinate. I was able to break this run & hide pattern of mine and my work progressed immensely.
Maite Vaquero (Spanish, 36 years old)

I Love Your Voice

Maite Vaquero (Spanish, 36 years old)

I love your voice, Karin!! You make me feel at peace, secure and happy. Your videos make big changes in myself. Thank you.

I feel grateful to have had this opportunity. I am watching the "Live Your Truth" videos in a beautiful park... Reflecting on myself and my life.

Something changed in a good way.
30 year old traveler in Nepal and India in search of spiritual wisdom

Less Scary to Look at my Inner Wounds

30 year old traveler in Nepal and India in search of spiritual wisdom

It has been very useful for me. It is a little surprising to find that, even though I did make a big change in my life 'recently' to do what I believe is most beneficial, I don't seem to have processed it properly. From the outside I do think I am doing 'the right thing', but in many other ways I still have a lot of work to do.

I just continue being hard to myself, ignoring my own needs. And as Part Three of the Mini-Course mentions, I do find it scary to look into it. It feels like a festering wound and I often tend to get lost into it. But I have the courage now to do it.

You did a great job, I am really impressed. There is soooo much to it, well done :-) I am grateful to you for helping me and others to connect with our lighter, happier Self .

Stronger, Lighter and Daring to Open Up to Life


I made this drawing during Module 2 of the Mini-Course, it's an "Only the Lonely" part inside of me. I already knew that I am scared of feeling lonely. But the Mini-Course made me connect with the deeper fear underneath that, a fear of being rejected.

After making this drawing, I had a dream. The little girl in the corner of this drawing withdraws from the world when she is fearful for rejection. But in the dream this girl felt stronger, lighter and dared to open up to what life has on offer for her. I feel a renewed sense of trust and permission to enjoy life.

Thank you for these coaching videos. It was insightful and precious for me.
Polina Palagin

Something New into My Life

Polina Palagin

Thank you so much for this free "Live Your Truth" course. And thank you for what you do.

For me, your work brought something new into my life and I really appreciate it.
Single Mum of 12 Year old Son

Sad but Grateful

Single Mum of 12 Year old Son

During the coaching exercises we were invited to draw our feelings. This was new to me. I draw a girl with a heavy, black heart.

Even though the drawing is very sad (and made me cry), I feel very grateful for this opportunity. Having an image for my inner state makes it easier somehow. Less out of control. More manageable. The tears made me feel relieved and lighter. It feels easier now to step towards the life I want to live.

Thank you Karin for giving lots of tools and practical coping mechanisms in this free video series.

Transforming is and has been happening


Thank you Karin. I feel much gratitude towards you and this programme you have developed!

It reminds me that my breath is my connection to all I want and a filter for what is not serving me. It’s a very simple truth but one we forget often as we get all entangled in our emotions and daily activity that often is not what we want to be doing.

I have to say your voice and tone is very soothing. Loads of gratitude as yes transforming is and has been happening. Thank you so much!

Pause and Connect

Slow down and connect with what's actually going on inside of you.

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